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There are a variety of workwear needs that may arise for your business, and we are happy to supply solutions! Whether you’re looking for scrubs, uniforms, flame-resistant clothing, or lab coats we carry what you need. We seek to find the best workwear for our clients, searching for the brands and products that are not only comfortable for your employees, but will protect them, deliver durable results, and fit within your budget.

We carry a range of outerwear, such as jackets, vests, work pants and coveralls – everything you need to outfit your employees. We also offer industrial dry cleaning services for your workwear, using the latest technology and industrial standards to ensure your garments come out looking clean, fresh, and without any fading! We take care to ensure your business stays looking professional with clean uniforms.

Connected Workwear

At ProClean, we are proud to introduce our innovative “connected workwear” tracking system. This sytems is designed to help keep track of every single item of workwear, which means that you are able to track the movement of your garment! Through our system of sewn-in RFID chips, you can now know:

  • If your staff members are changing garments regularly and returning them when they should
  • The location of your workwear throughout the laundry process
  • Unique information on any repairs needed or carried out on the item
  • The total number of laundry services each garment has had, providing user-friendly reporting for regulatory and management purposes

Ultimately, we want to give you the greatest amount of knowledge and control over your workplace and workwear. We seek to help keep you informed of each piece so you can better track your company’s level of cleanliness and professionalism!