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It’s not only about having high-quality workwear, but also about keeping that workwear in top condition. At ProClean Canada we provide high-quality mending services for all your industrial workwear, working with the highest care to ensure each garment is repaired to the highest standard required in your industry. Good repairs are not only important to keeping your employees looking professional, but also key to their safety. A tear or rip in a pair of coveralls could lead to surprisingly hazardous situations when on the job which is why we take extra care in the repair of each garment.

Our team takes proactive steps to ensure that any workwear arriving or leaving our facility receives the highest degree of attention to detail. We put superior care into our mending services, treating each garment with the attention we would expect to receive for our own garments.

Our embroidery services are also a unique way to boost your company’s image with logos embroidered onto employee’s garments, helping to extend the recognizability of your company’s image. From jackets and hats to sweaters and gloves, we can help customize any piece to reflect your company’s image!