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Respirators are a recognizable symbol of safety in the workplace. Used for a variety of projects and in a number of different industries, respirators help protect internal organs from harmful airborne chemicals. Next to wearing your respirator, cleaning and properly maintaining your respirator is one of the most important safety measures you can take.

At ProClean, we are happy to take on your respirator cleaning needs and to supply you with the expertise needed to ensure your employees are safe the next time they use their respirator. Our highly experienced team can proactively identify and check the particular parts of the respirator to make sure it is in top working condition. We know how to effectively clean each part of your respirator to keep it in great condition

ProClean is proud to be able to offer the best respirator cleaning option in the area.

Upon pickup at the customer location or dropped off at our facility, the items tagged by customer and job location, segregated according to respirator type, and transferred to the appropriated processing area. Processing steps are as follows:

  • Respirators are disassembled and pre-washed as necessary.
  • Respirators are thoroughly washed with a mild soap and water solution, with a soft brush as necessary
  • Respirators are rinsed in clean water.
  • Next, respirators are disinfected in hospital grade disinfectant. If respiratory filters are to be reused, they are wiped clean.
  • Respirators are rinsed in fresh water
  • Items are vacuumed to remove residual water and placed in a flow-controlled drying cabinet.
  • Respirators are air dryed in a designated cleanroom, non contaminated area.
  • Every respirator and filter is monitored for both loose and fixed contamination according to customer specifications.
  • After successful monitoring, items are physically inspected for worn, missing or damaged parts and repaired if necessary.
  • Items failing any stage of testing are bagged, labeled as rejected, and returned.
  • Items ready for the end use are packaged in sealed plastic and labelled with processing date and processor identification.
  • Delivery back to the customer location or readied for pickup.