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At ProClean, we are committed to the highest level of care, and that includes the chemicals we use in our dry cleaning process. We are taking steps towards improving the ‘green’ factor in our process to ensure better care for our clients, as well as for our environment.

Many people are unaware of the potentially harmful effects industrial cleaning can have on those using the services, or even living near a dry cleaning facility. The two primary chemicals used in dry cleaning are tetrachloroethylene and the colourless chemical perchloroethylene (also known as PERC). For many dry cleaners, PERC makes up 80% of their dry cleaning fluid. PERC can be breathed in through contaminated air, can be consumed in contaminated food or water, and some studies have shown that it can be absorbed through the skin. If you live near a dry cleaning facility, if you dry clean your clothes on a regular basis or you live in a community where PERC is in the water supply, there is a chance that you are being exposed to PERC. Once PERC enters your system, it becomes a permanent resident, storing itself in your body fat.

PERC has been studied and linked to a number of serious, short-term effects, including liver, kidney and even neurological damage. As a Class 2 carcinogen, its long term effects can be linked to leukemia. We encourage everyone to learn about how their garments are being serviced, to become informed of the process, and to consider the ProClean alternative.

What’s our difference?

At ProClean, we have recently invested in new equipment that utilizes the latest in cleaning technology. Intense, a product developed in Europe by Seitz (a world leader in textile care products) will allow us to safely care for all types of garments, regardless of the materials used in their construction. Garments, after being cleaned with Intense, are odourless and stain-free, and natural fabrics remain soft to touch, whites remain brilliant, and colours won’t fade!

Intense not only undisputedly outperforms other hydrocarbon solvents and increases the cleaning effect, but it is also an environmentally neutral solvent. There are no known harmful influences on man or the environment, and the higher flash point also ensures safe work-technical handling and secure transport.

We at ProClean are proud to offer this environmentally compatible solution, and unlike PERC, it contains no carcinogenic substances and is not considered a hazardous product.

We are your “green” clean solution – offering high quality results without the worry of hazardous side effects of regular dry cleaning chemicals.