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It's the service that makes the difference!

Welcome to ProClean Canada!

We believe in superior quality when it comes to the cleaning, servicing, and purchasing of your workwear. We offer a wide range of professional services suited to your industrial workwear needs, offering everything from uniform rentals and cleaning, to alterations and repairs, sales, and custom embroidery.

We believe that it is the service that makes the difference! We are proud to service Sarnia and the surrounding Southwestern Ontario area with our industrial laundry services and supply of workwear-related solutions. We work closely with a number of businesses across a range of industries, including the hotel, hospital, chemical, safety, and manufacturing sectors.

At ProClean Canada, we take pride in the work and the services we offer, striving to consistently deliver the highest level of care and service possible. Our goal is to help you supply and maintain a professional lineup of workwear for your employees, keep them looking professional, but above all, to help each and every employee stay safe in the workplace.

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the Work

When it comes to good work, you need the right equipment and workwear. We are proud to service a number of different industries with all their workplace garment needs. Having the best quality uniforms and equipment helps protect the quality of your employees’ work, and offers the best assurance you can get when striving for superior work from your employees.

the Employee

There is nothing more important to ensuring an enduringly successful and productive workplace than making sure your employees are safe. Many workplaces involve potentially harmful substances or situations which can pose a threat to your employees if they are not properly protected against these hazards. At ProClean Canada, we ensure that your employees remain safe with the best quality safety equipment and tools required for the job. Protecting your employees is the first step to protecting your business.


Uniformity among your workers not only elevates the professionalism of your company, but helps make your business more recognizable which helps market your company! It is also important to distinguish your employees from others in the workplace, and having the proper distinguishing uniforms can help create uniformity and efficiency in the workplace, which will ultimately help improve your bottom line.